"My Man Jeeves" Book Cover Illustration and Self Portrait

Book Cover illustration for "My Man Jeeves" by PG Wodehouse for school.  I used myself as a model as image searching "Butler", "Rich Butler", "Fancy Butler", "New York Butler", "Old Timey Butler" and "Butler -Gerard". ALL OF THESE RETURN NOTHING BUT TOPLESS SEXY SEXY GERARD BUTLER PICTURES.  So naturally I thought: "Hmmm what else could a butler be called? What search would lead me to the picture of an old timey fancy butler instead of that sexy sexy sexy Gerard Butler? What could that search be? There must be something.  Ponder, ponder, ponder. Hmmm... OF COURSE! Man servant!" That didn't go much better.

Look I'm a butler!

"No Butts" T-Shirt Design

Forced labor T Shirt design for Seattle Central no smoking on campus campaign. This by Shannon Perry was definitely floating through my mind at the time.  Thank you Amanda Bynes.

The Next Ten Years Of Matt Nyce

School assignment for us to forecast the next ten years. This is for sure a good one to zoom (click on)  as there is a bunch of little drawings. I'm not too good at telling the future so I outlined all the possibilities as best as I could imagine. You could call me a pessimist.
This is the future version of this assignment.