Wimps Shirt Ideas: Skate Dog, Bag Head, Pizza Head Punk

Three shirt ideas for my band Wimps, which just got back from our tour down to Cal uh four nie eh. We went with the skateboarding hot dog and sold em all. You might remember him as he is a combination of my skateboarding coffee cup , a poster I drew a very long time ago and this goofball.

Wimps "Swim in Every Hole" Summer Tour 2012

Wimps - Swim in Every Hole 2012 Tour Poster
My band heads out on tour tomorrow to swim everywhere that we can and also play some shows along the way. For the poster I wanted to include all the necessary elements in any band poster now days:

long wiggly hands - check
triangles - check
floating mason eyes - check
misplaced native american imagery - check
secret pictures - check
boobs - check
smoking letters - check
weed leaf.... Couldn't make that work.

 Oh well.

 Wimps blogspot is here

"2020 Cycle Presents: Sealth" Animation

header Over the early summer I did a little work with my friend Rachel Ratner for local bike shop 2020 cycle. They have a wonderful new hand built cruiser for sale that you can check out on their wonderful new hand built site by Rachel Ratner with wonderful new hand built animation by myself. It even has a button to make a horn noise. Check it out here. My animation changes a bit quicker just like the Seattle weather. That's a really dumb thing to say. It's the best I could come up with. Below is a still frame in all its uncompressed glory. header