Hey there, hey you, how's it going? Good, I hope. Here be a facebox. It has one mouth and a separate tongue. Boy that sure is funny. By the way, thanks for reading and looking at this thing. I appreciate it, I really do.

I guess I don't promote this as hard as I could or as hard as other people promote their sites or as hard as people expect me to. This week I had two friends come up and say to me that they had no idea that I had a blog and why didn't I tell them about it. I just assumed that they knew. I mean I talk about it sometimes and once in a while post something on FB but I haven't made t-shirts with the address on it, or work it into conversations, or start a twitter and locate everyone I have ever met and send out non stop send out reminders. I don't want to be that asshole. I just try and draw stuff and keep it up and and so far it's good and fun and it seems like more people look at this and come back and whoever you are I really appreciate it and once in a while someone says something about likely something and that is real nice.

So anyway, thank you and thanks for reading and if you see a drawing of a disgusting box with a tongue shooting out of it and you think that your gross-o weirdo buddy would really think that is tops I would sure appreciate your recommendation for them to check it out. I said appreciate about 12 times.

Thank you

Birthday Card for Cathy


I drew a birthday card for my friend Cathy's birthday. Happy birthday Cathy!

Spurm (last show), Unnatural Helpers, Uzi Rash, and Wimps at Black Lodge

Unnatural Helpers, Spurm, Uzi rash, and Wimps at Black Lodge Feb 10th

I made a flyer for this show even though there is already a lovely flyer by Trent from Spurm right here. I wanted one that you couldn't avoid from 10 feet away. I'm going to put it on poles. It looks exactly like an old A Frames poster that exists in my brain.

This is for Spurm's last show where they will be releasing a picture postcard record of all things. Do you know what that is? It is the kind of record that you could get in a magazine or something growing up, rip it out, put it on your record player and then it would play just like a regular record like magic. LIKE MAGIC. Anyway, these come on postcards instead of magazines so they are really something special. No foolin. Really something else.

Did I mention I'm taking typography this quarter?

Matt Mind Map


This is a self portrait for a school assignment describing how I arrived at the graphic design program. It is supposed to show the idea that we have one side of our brain devoted to art and stuff and the other to logic and rational things and show my time spent at business school and now graphic design school. If I had more time and it to do over again I would have redone the lettering but oh well. I like how the self portrait part turned out. The shading is a bunch of my fingerprints and ink.

Industry Hills Pro Rodeo

Industry Hill Charity Pro Rodeo Poster

Poster for final in my graphic design production class.

Party Worm

party worm

Oh hey! It's a 151 posts! CALL THE PARTY WORM!

Distended Stomach

distended stomach

Behold, in all their glory: my day 1 typography notes.

The Rambler

The Rambler

My friend Calvin Lee Reeder the movie maker. Here is my recollection of a publicity shot from his short film The Rambler combined with my experience of watching it and my interpretation of what was going on to make ART!

I was referencing the above photo from memory and my brain had forgot the sunglasses... and imagined a different shirt... and he is facing the other way... where's the bridge... that doesn't look like Lee.... Anyway, I did get the guitar and cowboy hat in there as well as adding the splatters. Splatters makes it art. Honestly, I wasn't going for an exact thing but more the feeling of the movie and I think I got something. Judge for yourself.

If you dug that it's a good introduction for his new feature The Oregonian which is coming to a DVD near you after premiering at Sundance. It's a challenging, uncomfortable, weird, funny, and visual movie. Just your type of thing. I also like that it was filmed in Oregon and it looks like Oregon and if you have ever been to these places you can tell where in Oregon. It looks like nowhere else on earth, at least where I have been. There is definitely something scary, and ominious and specific about those places and they are captured in The Oregonian. I don't believe I have seen that ominousness in any other movie that I am aware of. At least not on purpose. I don't think Kindergarten Cop was supposed to feel that ominous.

Happy New Year

Hairy Fist Mass and a Floppy New Ear

Hope you and yours had a good Xmas and are having a good new year. thank you