Beach Owl

I don't know if there is an indie band with the name Beach Owl yet but if there is not, which I highly doubt, I hereby claim it and you must pay me money for the best indie band name in the world. Think that I am wrong? Name a better one. I double dog dare you.

"My Man Jeeves" Book Cover Illustration and Self Portrait

Book Cover illustration for "My Man Jeeves" by PG Wodehouse for school.  I used myself as a model as image searching "Butler", "Rich Butler", "Fancy Butler", "New York Butler", "Old Timey Butler" and "Butler -Gerard". ALL OF THESE RETURN NOTHING BUT TOPLESS SEXY SEXY GERARD BUTLER PICTURES.  So naturally I thought: "Hmmm what else could a butler be called? What search would lead me to the picture of an old timey fancy butler instead of that sexy sexy sexy Gerard Butler? What could that search be? There must be something.  Ponder, ponder, ponder. Hmmm... OF COURSE! Man servant!" That didn't go much better.

Look I'm a butler!

"No Butts" T-Shirt Design

Forced labor T Shirt design for Seattle Central no smoking on campus campaign. This by Shannon Perry was definitely floating through my mind at the time.  Thank you Amanda Bynes.

The Next Ten Years Of Matt Nyce

School assignment for us to forecast the next ten years. This is for sure a good one to zoom (click on)  as there is a bunch of little drawings. I'm not too good at telling the future so I outlined all the possibilities as best as I could imagine. You could call me a pessimist.
This is the future version of this assignment.

Unnatural Helpers "Land Grab" Record Release

Illustrated the literal idea of Land Grab, the awesome new record by the Unnatural Helpers available Sept. 25th.  This poster is for the record release show for said record that my band Wimps are so happy and pleased to be apart of.   This stacked bill, featuring Survival Knife (members of Unwound) and the always awesome Stickers, promises to a good time guaranteed for all.  I dare say the show of the century. 

Unfortunately, this will be my second to last show at the Funhouse.  On October 31st their doors will close and like all good things in Seattle it will be torn down and replaced with "mixed use condos", left to only be enjoyed through memories.  We Seattle-ites of the future, as we look around at our anytown future Seattle, will sip our Starbucks, eat our Subways and fondly reminisce and wonder how we ever let great places like the Funhouse go, just like we let go the Hi Score Arcades, Rck Cndys, soon to be Bauhaus's, Original Cha Chas, Kinkoras, that creepy place on the North End of Broadway with the strong drinks I can't remember the name of across from the Thai Restaurant where I saw Susan Powter... 

If you are unfamiliar with the term "mixed use condo"I will explain.  It is a condo complex that looks like every other condo complex that has replaced everything I love in this city. Everyone of them comes complete with it's own balcony that while not only ugly is also impractical as it only extends one foot out and is just a work around to meet zoning requirements for "public space".  These "buildings" always have some sort of magic outer shell that is magic only insofar as it's the materials painted a earth tone incredible ability to collect dirt which invariably turns the entire structure into a dirty styrofoam looking thing within the year.  Also amazing is that even though it is the same three companies building these things over and over again, none of them seem to have figured out this constant propensity for their buildings absorbing dirt and ending up looking like shit.  Maybe it's because these assholes don't live here and thus don't deal with the turd they have created. Maybe they're just assholes.  Finally, in the bottom or street level portion of the building you will find the "mixed use" part, which means there is a Subway and/or Quiznos (that will close within the year), a Walgreens and then a Curves workout place (which will also close within the year).

Anyway, annoying ranting aside the Helpers are the best live band in Seattle and my favorite band and great dudes who I have seen many a time at the ole Funhouse.  The Funhouse is ran by Mr. Brian Foss who is one half the ownership and one whole the booking gentleman/nice guy which makes him 1 and half times awesome. Before he turned the Funhole, as it is affectionately called sometimes, into the hole of fun that it is he booked another great place that got tore down Gibson's.  I wasn't living in Seattle then but did visit often and caught what I believe was either the first or the second show of the Helpers at Gibson's in what was about 2000AD.  I know the time roughly as I was not yet 21 and had to climb in through the window my friend left open.  I remember telling main helper Dean Whitmore after the show how awesome they were and then told him they sounded like Zen Guerrilla, a fact that nice guy Dean has been nice enough to forget. 

Land Grab by the Unnatural Helpers is available Sept. 25th through Hardly Art here and streaming for a limited time on 

Wimps Shirt Ideas: Skate Dog, Bag Head, Pizza Head Punk

Three shirt ideas for my band Wimps, which just got back from our tour down to Cal uh four nie eh. We went with the skateboarding hot dog and sold em all. You might remember him as he is a combination of my skateboarding coffee cup , a poster I drew a very long time ago and this goofball.

Wimps "Swim in Every Hole" Summer Tour 2012

Wimps - Swim in Every Hole 2012 Tour Poster
My band heads out on tour tomorrow to swim everywhere that we can and also play some shows along the way. For the poster I wanted to include all the necessary elements in any band poster now days:

long wiggly hands - check
triangles - check
floating mason eyes - check
misplaced native american imagery - check
secret pictures - check
boobs - check
smoking letters - check
weed leaf.... Couldn't make that work.

 Oh well.

 Wimps blogspot is here

"2020 Cycle Presents: Sealth" Animation

header Over the early summer I did a little work with my friend Rachel Ratner for local bike shop 2020 cycle. They have a wonderful new hand built cruiser for sale that you can check out on their wonderful new hand built site by Rachel Ratner with wonderful new hand built animation by myself. It even has a button to make a horn noise. Check it out here. My animation changes a bit quicker just like the Seattle weather. That's a really dumb thing to say. It's the best I could come up with. Below is a still frame in all its uncompressed glory. header


A little explanation: you see, Quork rhymes with pork.

Suit Jumper

Suit Jumper
I was inspired by my friend Hannah Small's art to try and use a million tiny dots instead of a million tiny lines.   This took hella long.



Sketch from GGNZLA Bingo at the In. Dave wins every time.  If the police are reading this, this is a sketch from my imagination.

Guest Poster: Grandpa Franklin

 Al Otis and his Pirates
Grandpa Franklin

Three days late for father's day and way too earlier for Halloween it is a guest post FROM BEYOND THE GRAVE!!  Here is a drawing by my Grandpa Franklin my mom sent me recently that as the writing on the drawing says is: "Al Otis and his Pirates circa 1927 at Moose hall in Aberdeen, Washington". Or as his caption says "at midway".  "Midway" to what in Aberdeen I don't know. Click to see bigger. As you can see not much has changed in Aberdeen since 1927 compared to the last time I was there. I assume the skinheads throwing bottles are just out of frame in my Grandfather's rendering.  Below the drawing is a picture of Franklin Gillespie, my grandfather.

Grandpa was a musician and a later a teacher. He graduated from Centralia High School in Centralia, Washington and then joined up with Al and his Pirates before moving on to tour around with an Archie Loveland and then bigger names like Horace Heidt and his band.

My mom has always told me that Grandpa loved cartooning but this is the first that I have seen of any of his drawings.   I got to meet him once when I was little bitty when the family had traveled down to his house in Sacramento. I remember him playing piano, showing me how to draw a boot and telling me "try it you'll like it," in a funny voice when I didn't want to eat something.

Skateboarding Coffee

Skateboarding Coffee Cup
This is how I feel most days when I'm at school.

Punk with Dog

Punk with Dog
My second in the punks with dogs series. Maybe one day I'll have enough for a showing. I'll call it "Punks with Dogs" and real punks can show up with their dogs and try and bum smokes from me and when I say truthfully I don't have any they can mutter under their breath at me.

Pedo Wizard

Pedo Wizard
My second in the creepy wizard series.  For some reason I have attached creepiness and wizards in my brain.  Maybe one day I'll have enough for a showing.  I'll call it "Creepy Wizards" and real creepy wizards can show up and creepy me out.  Pedo Wizard is hella gross.

View Outside My Window

View Outside My Window
I tried to draw this a bunch of times and it has slowly gotten better and better. I still haven't figured out how to draw Bellevue way the heck out there. Oh well. I like this one a lot, especially the crappy little cars. I really love my neighborhood.

School Daze 2 of 2 - "Don't Have a Cow, Man!" Starring John Flogginton ESQ

A long quarter of school is over. I have done my best to keep updates going while still completing all my school work but this quarter proved to be a little too much to allow me to do so. So with no new drawings to show you here is the 3rd of 3 posts concerning school work that I did over the quarter. This video was for my new media class where we were given a random person, object and phrase by our classmates and then had a week to make a video involving those three things. I'm pretty proud of this.

Juggler Dude


Goes with this guy from long ago. I think I must subconsciously want to join the circus. I have always admired the Carnynary arts.

Cara and Tobias's House

Cara and Tobias House

A house warming gift for Cara and Tobias and their new house. Congratulations!



Hey there, hey you, how's it going? Good, I hope. Here be a facebox. It has one mouth and a separate tongue. Boy that sure is funny. By the way, thanks for reading and looking at this thing. I appreciate it, I really do.

I guess I don't promote this as hard as I could or as hard as other people promote their sites or as hard as people expect me to. This week I had two friends come up and say to me that they had no idea that I had a blog and why didn't I tell them about it. I just assumed that they knew. I mean I talk about it sometimes and once in a while post something on FB but I haven't made t-shirts with the address on it, or work it into conversations, or start a twitter and locate everyone I have ever met and send out non stop send out reminders. I don't want to be that asshole. I just try and draw stuff and keep it up and and so far it's good and fun and it seems like more people look at this and come back and whoever you are I really appreciate it and once in a while someone says something about likely something and that is real nice.

So anyway, thank you and thanks for reading and if you see a drawing of a disgusting box with a tongue shooting out of it and you think that your gross-o weirdo buddy would really think that is tops I would sure appreciate your recommendation for them to check it out. I said appreciate about 12 times.

Thank you

Birthday Card for Cathy


I drew a birthday card for my friend Cathy's birthday. Happy birthday Cathy!

Spurm (last show), Unnatural Helpers, Uzi Rash, and Wimps at Black Lodge

Unnatural Helpers, Spurm, Uzi rash, and Wimps at Black Lodge Feb 10th

I made a flyer for this show even though there is already a lovely flyer by Trent from Spurm right here. I wanted one that you couldn't avoid from 10 feet away. I'm going to put it on poles. It looks exactly like an old A Frames poster that exists in my brain.

This is for Spurm's last show where they will be releasing a picture postcard record of all things. Do you know what that is? It is the kind of record that you could get in a magazine or something growing up, rip it out, put it on your record player and then it would play just like a regular record like magic. LIKE MAGIC. Anyway, these come on postcards instead of magazines so they are really something special. No foolin. Really something else.

Did I mention I'm taking typography this quarter?

Matt Mind Map


This is a self portrait for a school assignment describing how I arrived at the graphic design program. It is supposed to show the idea that we have one side of our brain devoted to art and stuff and the other to logic and rational things and show my time spent at business school and now graphic design school. If I had more time and it to do over again I would have redone the lettering but oh well. I like how the self portrait part turned out. The shading is a bunch of my fingerprints and ink.

Industry Hills Pro Rodeo

Industry Hill Charity Pro Rodeo Poster

Poster for final in my graphic design production class.

Party Worm

party worm

Oh hey! It's a 151 posts! CALL THE PARTY WORM!

Distended Stomach

distended stomach

Behold, in all their glory: my day 1 typography notes.

The Rambler

The Rambler

My friend Calvin Lee Reeder the movie maker. Here is my recollection of a publicity shot from his short film The Rambler combined with my experience of watching it and my interpretation of what was going on to make ART!

I was referencing the above photo from memory and my brain had forgot the sunglasses... and imagined a different shirt... and he is facing the other way... where's the bridge... that doesn't look like Lee.... Anyway, I did get the guitar and cowboy hat in there as well as adding the splatters. Splatters makes it art. Honestly, I wasn't going for an exact thing but more the feeling of the movie and I think I got something. Judge for yourself.

If you dug that it's a good introduction for his new feature The Oregonian which is coming to a DVD near you after premiering at Sundance. It's a challenging, uncomfortable, weird, funny, and visual movie. Just your type of thing. I also like that it was filmed in Oregon and it looks like Oregon and if you have ever been to these places you can tell where in Oregon. It looks like nowhere else on earth, at least where I have been. There is definitely something scary, and ominious and specific about those places and they are captured in The Oregonian. I don't believe I have seen that ominousness in any other movie that I am aware of. At least not on purpose. I don't think Kindergarten Cop was supposed to feel that ominous.

Happy New Year

Hairy Fist Mass and a Floppy New Ear

Hope you and yours had a good Xmas and are having a good new year. thank you