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I took a three hour "nap" in the evening and now I'm up way too late.
I spent my excess late night energy going down an internet wormhole. It all started by me remembering the Disney Paul Bunyan short from when I was a kid and looking up the youtube video.

It had the song I remembered and the look I remembered but I didn't remember the awesome backgrounds. So I looked up who did those and it was Eyvind Earle, who has a lot of great stuff (some here). So seeing his stuff I got inspired but it's late and I'm in bed so I only have my computer and here is the resulting late night doodling.

Birds of War

Drummer Bird from Birds of War
Bald Eagle Guitar Player from Birds of War
Robot Bird Singer from Birds of War
My fake cartoon robot motley crue/gwar type metal band for a final project at school.

The Owl and the Pussycat

Illustration based on the poem "The Owl and the Pussycat" by Edward Lear. Done with nibs and watercolor for me mum.

Poster for We Say Bang, French Letters and the Fix Its at the Sunset Tavern

We Say Bang, French Letters, the Fix Its at the Sunset Tavern January 8

I hung out with my friend Matthew Banthan (I'm Matt) from school and we ended up collaborating on a poster in a couple hours. He did the drawings, color picking and half the letters and I did the other letters and some laying out. Plus, Matthew's dog Leon looks like this:

A good time was had by all.

Mr. Corndog

On 11/27/11 I wrote: "A friend asked me to draw out and design a Christmas card which showed her and her husband's wild ride from Asheville, NC to Seattle, and all the stuff in between, in the style of the Family Circus and it's famous dotted line gag and here's is the result,". Obviously at the time I needed more sleep before attempting to write sentences. I was in the midst of a grind at school, that felt like a 12 round fight and only today am I emerging victorious albeit fighting the onset of the "vacation just starting" cold. Now I will have two weeks to devote to my craft, my art, my calling, if you will. I can set aside academic excercises and wholly focus my energy, like a beam, upon the job at hand: planning, producing, crafting, and honing art that is poignant, timeless and full of meaning and depth.

Mr. Corndog Loves You

Sight Flight

This was for a school project where we needed to illustrate "sight" within a one minute time frame. We thought it was best illustrated through a the story of a teleporting owl. We had a lot of fun.

Owl - Dena Hampton and Mandy Price

Editing - Matt Nyce

Cinematography - Kendra Stevens

Song is "Not Right" by White Car (which I do not own)

Birthday Card for Carlos

More cards! CARDS CARDS CARDS! Birthday card for the Carlos Lopez. Check out his videos!