Family Circus Parody Christmas Card for Cara


A friend asked me to draw out and design a Christmas card which showed her and her husband's wild ride from Asheville, NC to Seattle, and all the stuff in between, in the style of the Family Circus and it's famous dotted line gag and here's is the result.

Bil Keane, the creator of Family Circus, has already passed away as of last month, which is a refreshing change from my usual pattern of drawing someone BEFORE they [die [fingers crossed((justkidding)notreally)]]. I think that last part is a math joke.

Consignment New Low Cover

Cover for my band consignment's new record on GGNZLA, entitled New Low. You can buy it here. You should buy it here.

The lady on the cover is from a flyer I did about 5 years ago for an old band. I made the flyer my usual way at the time, of going to the Kinkos, grabbing a newspaper on the way and then digging through the paper to find an image I could mess with and make something of. This picture, of this extremely happy lady, I found in the obits section. And now here she lives on not just on our old poster but on our CD. Some may find this distasteful but I could only hope for such an honor. I think it's pretty neat.

You can buy our cd here


No Glove No Love

This is from a doodle that me and classmate/friend Jacky did in class. I drew the head, Jacky the body, and then I redrew it on better paper with a better pen.

Brain and Time

Illustration for school assignment for article by Burkhard Bilger on David Eagleman's study of time and your brain's relation to it found here:

As always, click em to make big em.

Owl Mask

My wife asked me if I would make her an Owl mask for her Halloween costume and here are the results. I drew this picture out of paper mache, spray paint and chicken wire, using my hands as a kind of pencil to shape the lines into forms. It turned out much more 3D than my usual drawing efforts.

Gropey Bird

Gropey Bird

Another drawing for class, this one for a color assignment. I was looking at a picture of a bird landing on a tree but without a tree this bird looks like it is getting a little "fresh". The drawing of his claws doesn't help.