Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney

This week Andy Rooney announced that his last broadcast as part of 60 minutes will be on Sunday, as he is retiring. Rooney has had a feature "story" each week, for a very long time, where they let him talk about anything. Literally anything. Here is a good one where Rooney ponders about President Obama's desk. Here is one where he talks about how he likes staying at home. And here is one where he muses at the amount of different kitchen gadgets he has in his home. If you have never watched a Rooney story, you are in for treat.

I've have heard people complain about Rooney but I've always enjoyed his thoughts. Not liking Rooney makes no sense; no one quite has a view like a 92 year old man. The whole world changed around him, and maybe more drastically than has ever happened before over the course of one guy's lifetime, so of course everything around him seems weird and something to complain about. If I am fortunate enough to reach 92 years old, and I am seeing my grandkids downloading human history into their brain, and I am fighting robots for gasoline, I imagine I will be filled with the same type of wonderment, confusion and distaste at the world around me as Mr. Rooney.



Growing up in Eastern Washington I remember how a whole bunch of grasshoppers would jump around when I would go a walking through open fields. If you could catch one that was really an accomplishment. They're pretty rad creatures and you get less stings than when catching bees.

Jacuzzi Boys Flyer

Jacuzzi Boys Flyer

Flyer for the Jacuzzi Boys show at the Funhouse next week. Also playing is TV Ghost, Love Tan and the Apollos.

R. Stevie Moore

R. Stevie Moore

I saw R. Stevie Moore a couple weeks ago at the Vera Project Seattle and it was one of the best shows I've seen in the last couple of years. I haven't listened to his music much but I have a friend who really, really likes him, and who is always so excited when he talks about him, that I decided to go. I imagined that at the very least the show would be weird. Weird not just because RSM seems to be a different kind of dude, but weird in that he has recorded something like 1000 albums himself in his basement and yet, at the age of 59, this would be his first ever tour. Touring almost broke my brain a couple times when I went in my 20s so I can't imagine going on my first tour as someone who is near my dad's age.

He was scheduled in town early and so my friend, who really, really likes him threw a welcome BBQ and extended an invite for him and his band. RSM showed up and hung around and was real nice and in the process of enjoying the BBQ he took off one of his layers of shirts. He then took off for a pre main show acoustic show, leaving the shirt behind. Since I knew I was going to the acoustic show. and then the main show later, I had the bright idea that a clever way to meet him would be to wear his shirt around all day, a shirt that was way too large and looked ridiculous on me, and then he'd see me later, notice the guy looking ridiculous in the giant shirt that looks just like his shirt and then I'd get to meet him. I thought this would also be good for laughs.

I headed to the acoustic show in RSM's giant shirt but arrived late. Already a bunch of folks were crammed into the tiny Wall of Sound record store awaiting to hear RSM quietly strum and sing without a PA so I hung around outside looking like a goof, continuing to wear what was turning into an all day joke to meet someone I wasn't a huge fan of. I got plenty of weird looks, and plenty of compliments, like when you compliment someone for having shaved off half their hair, cause it's impossible to not notice and you got to say something, but R. Stevie was too busy to see me wearing his shirt. I headed down the block to check out an accident and then headed home quick to eat before the show.

By the time I arrived at the Vera at 8pm I was really beginning to rethink the shirt idea. I had been wearing it since 2 and during this time had discovered that the shirt possessed a weird tour stench that when you put your nose right to it just smelled like the old spice used to keep the shirt "wearable" but when you moved your nose back a foot or so, like the foot your nose would be from a shirt you are wearing, you could then smell a distinctive and powerful odor. It's like how you can't hear certain sounds close cause of the sound wave but you can hear them further away, except this was with stink. Nothing against Mr. Moore as I came to find out he and his band had been on tour for 3 months and anyone would have become quite the road dog in this time. Before the show started, and after finding out I forgot my ID and couldn't drink away my uncomfortableness, I finally figured out my joke wasn't funny and that this was way too much effort and gave the shirt to my friend who really, really likes RSM to be in charge of it's safe return.

The show was great. Three months of touring really showed as the band was ridiculously tight. I heard that Moore was nervous about the tour but he seemed at ease, or at least confident in his weirdness. At one point he stopped playing bass during a song, while the band continued on, to squeeze on a stress ball and then returned to playing with the stress ball still in hand. They played through RSM's best known songs and after 15 minutes they left for the first their first encore. Moore came back on stage by himself, hiked up his tight pajama pants a foot past his belly button and played a set by himself. Then came the second encore culminating in a cover of The Beatles "She's So Heavy" complete with the weird Moog noises and nailing the abrupt ending. Definitely a show worth seeing.

Yakima Canutt

This is an attempt at drawing Yakima Canutt but I didn't quite get it. Maybe through the eyes I did. Here is the picture I was looking at here. I was trying to get this done as my third installment last week, to complete a cowboy trifector, but I ran out of time.

Yakima Canutt was the only stuntman to ever receive an Oscar. A real deal cowboy, Canutt was born and bred in Washington State, and won World Champion All Around Cowboy at the Pendleton Roundup In 1917. Like many rodeo stars did in those days he migrated to Hollywood where he found work doubling for the likes of Clark Gable, John Wayne Roy Rogers and many, many more.. Supposedly John Wayne took much of his persona from studying the talk and walk of Canutt remarking that he was the real deal, or something to that effect. As he got older and his body broke he moved on to become a respected second unit director and stunt director, choreographing what is maybe the most famous and dangerous stunt on film, the chariot race in Ben Hur.

Canutt lived to be real old for a guy constantly jumping under, about and off of horses, dying at age 90. He looked pretty cool in a cowboy hat.

Les Schwab Says: "Free Beef!"

les schwab

Les Schwab was a businessman from the Northwest. Growing up in Washington State, I remember very early on seeing him on the TV, in his cowboy hat, instructing me repeatedly to get to the Les Schwab sign for my free beef. His autobiography Pride in Performance, Keep It Going tells his story of being born poor in Oregon, becoming an orphan at 15 and then living at a boarding house and delivering papers just to get by through high school. Later on, having never changed a flat tire in his life, he bought a single tire franchise and turned that into the billion dollar Les Schwab Tire Centers, by giving away beef.

I read his book in business school and it was a welcome change from what I was learning in the classroom. Schwab believed that the success of his business lay in serving the customer first and that profit would then follow. Service wasn't a buzz word, but a real promise word, like "free beef", that he fully planned on living up to. He believed service was the result of training, promoting exclusively from within and nurturing employees over a lifetime. Employees at Les Schwab were paid well, enjoyed a profit sharing program (paid for by 51% of profits returning to fund the program), and were provided health and retirement benefits. His goal was for those who wanted to work hard and have a career at Les Schwab Tire to be able to retire as millionaires. Believing in creating millionaires out of career employees and giving away free beef with every tire purchase were values Schwab fought for, refusing to sell out and go public, and the company remains privately held and still gives out free beef to this day.

If you ever want to buy me something, and don't know what to get, you can get me an autographed copy of Pride in Performance found here: . Even if you read this sometime from now, you might still look, it has been there for a while.

Rodeo Guy

Rodeo Guy

This guy seems to be getting ready to rope a calf as well as doing his best to stay on a bucking bronco. I don't think in real rodeos they really do both of these at the same time. He must be a real good cowboy. Also, I might have been more careful in drawing and placement of the bronco's rear legs.

If you ever get a chance to go to a rodeo you should. I saw what my eyes led me to believe was a bucking bronco's hoof landing squarely on a guys head but, instead of having a reverse hoof shaped head, he just looked dazed and walked it off. Truly amazing stuff.

Lonely Guy

Lonely Guy

I don't remember a lot about earth science from high school or middle school or whatever that was but I'm pretty sure this isa scientifically accurate drawing of the world. There is a big giant dude, with weird teeth, looking confused with a blue/green shirt/short combo being lonely in the middle of the earth.

Adult Cat Person

Adult Cat Person

I'm not exactly sure if this person is a boy or a girl and I like it more that way. Maybe this is part two of this guy, with the somewhat similar colors, body position and creep. I used to have similar jammy jams when I was a youngin but they definitely did not have a rockin tail or cat ears to go with. I would still wear those jams if it was socially acceptable.

Art for "By Myself" Record by Thunder Buffalo

"By Myself" by Thunder Buffalo record art

Here is the art for the new Thunder Buffalo record, coming out soon soon soon. I did the art for this back in April but there was some delay in the record release so I had to hide it and not show a soul. Actually, that I was my decision. Anyway, I'm told the issues are no more so here's how it looks.

It's weird looking at something from April because even after only 5 months I see things that I would have done differently today but I still love how it turned out. Aaron from TB asked me to draw the grossest street with a dude puking somewhere and I obliged as well as trying to add a bunch of little things to find and look at and much later decode. See if you can find them.

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