Denny Blaine Beach

Denny Blaine Beach

I know what you’re thinking. You wake up everyday at 6am, spring out of bed and it’s right over to the laptop. You boot it up to your homepage, which is set to my blog, and peer out through sleep crusted eyes looking for a new drawing. But what is there? Nothing. Same old drawing that was there two weeks ago. ”Bah!”, you say as you slam closed your laptop and trudge down the stairs to face the day, already defeated, and it is only 6:02 in the morning.

Well if you have been wondering why the slowdown the reason is the last two drawings. First, Seattle has finally had it’s famously brief three weeks of summer and I have been at the beach every single moment that I can. I draw there sometimes, but there are only so many drawings that you can do without seeming like a creep. This especially makes sense if you are familiar with this beach.

Secondly, we got cable recently so anytime that I am not at the beach, which is not often, I am parked in front of the television watching the Mariners stink it up each and most every night. I draw during this time too but the drawings arn’t the kind of happy things that I normally share on here but rather my dark thoughts that tend to permeate my psyche after being subjected to what passes for baseball every night with the Mariners.

So fear not loyal reader: both the summer and Mariners season are nearing an end so I’ll ever so slightly increase my output in the near future. Thank you.

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