100th Post

fish head guy

This is the 100th post. 100 drawings that took little more than a year. Here is a guy with a bucket of fish heads to celebrate. Thanks for reading!

Driving to Lena Creek Sketch

Driving to Lena Creek

Crammed in a with a bunch of stuff heading out to Man Camp 2011 at Lena Creek Campground on the Olympic Peninsula. My mom told me to have fun at my "man party". Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

This drawing has many things wrong with it. Sorry Andy and Carlos.

Neighborhood Comics

neighborhood comics

This happened yesterday. This guy had quite the system for a Smart car.

Hulk Rule

Hulk Rule

This is the third wrestler I have drawn even though I have no interest in wrestling. This is supposed to be Hulk as he looks now, maybe in his home, lounging about. He is my Mona Lisa. This is another watercolor.

Shaw Island Watercolor

Shaw Island

Watercolor from my camping trip to Shaw Island last weekend. This is my second recent attempt at watercolors after my Randy Savage picture and I think I'm getting a little better. I need to watch some youtube videos to figure out what I'm doing. As you can see, the sailboat was finished as an afterthought.

Stuck Up Guy Sketch

Stuck up fancy guy

In pencil